Forza Motorsport reviews could be coming as early as next week

Robert Collins

Forza Motorsport Screen Shot 3 Custom

We have just over a month until Forza Motorsport releases on October 10, but we may start seeing reviews for the game as early as next week.

Several online content creators have apparently already gotten their hands on the game. But what’s exciting for the rest of us is that they will be able to share their first impressions of the game on Monday, September 11—which is less than a week away!

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Note that these are apparently going to be preview impressions, and whether or not the actual review embargo will also be lifting at this time or perhaps at a later date remains unclear. Either way, the fact that Turn 10 is confident enough to put Forza Motorsport out there this early is a good sign for fans.

New info on the game has steadily come out in the months leading up to launch. And now all the launch-day racetracks have been revealed with more sure to follow post-release.

Forza Motorsport releases on October 10 for Windows and Xbox Series X|S. It will be available on Xbox Game Pass day one.

Forza Motorsport
Forza Motorsport
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