Fortnite's infamous storm is finally defeated in latest video game event leading up to Chapter 2 Season 3

Fortnite’s highly anticipated (and several times delayed) Device event went live this morning across all platforms including Microsoft’s Xbox One consoles. Given that this event was set to occur just a few days before the end of Chapter 2 Season 2, many expected that something big would happen and gamers weren’t disappointed.

The event started with a glowing countdown clock above The Agency with players competing to take each other out. Once the clock hit zero though, several towers rose from the hatches surrounding the island and a giant device ascended from the center of the Agency itself.

The device quickly activated and actually attacked the storm, aka the purple swirl that shrinks during matches and forces players into closer quarters. Surprisingly, the storm completely disappeared.

What happened next was pretty surprising. Players were greeted with a cutscene of an office building with suggestions that everyone was in a time loop (which has been hinted at in previous events) and that the storm had changed somehow.

Back in the play area, the storm then mutated into a water wall that rose above all of the islands and replaced the purple storm mechanic that players had become used to over the years since Fortnite launched.

This new water wall storm functions in very much the same way as the original but it creates a very different vibe in the game with constant sounds of crashing water, a blue tint on everything as opposed to the purple one, the surreal image of water surrounding everything, and the remains of the island now being submerged in water with fish swimming everywhere.

Curiously, there is a mysterious white object that can be seen atop the water for those industrious enough to build a structure high enough to see over the top of the wall. There also seems to be something swimming around it.

Nothing has been confirmed yet but there has been speculation and theories of an Aquaman theme for the next season and a hint image appears to confirm this by showing his trident. Whatever this being is, their identity will likely be fully revealed in a few days at the start of Season 3.

Update: Speaking of Season 3, it looks like the game cover artwork in the Microsoft Store has updated early. Check out the new bus and that mysterious island in the image below.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 bus and island
Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 bus and island

Do you play Fortnite? What did you think of this latest event? Do you think Aquaman is coming? Let us know in the comments below and then follow us on Twitter and Pinterest for more Xbox gaming content.

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