Finally, you'll be able to manage Skype notifications in, OneDrive

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If Skype has always been quite ubiquitous with dedicated apps on Windows, macOS, Linux and all popular mobile platforms, it took quite some time for the messaging app to embrace the world wide web. As of today, Skype for web is available on, and OneDrive, but the web app is still in beta and lacks some of the basic features found in the various native apps.

Back in January, the web app was finally updated with the ability to turn off notifications, which could be quite annoying if you kept open in a browser tab while the desktop Skype was already running on your PC. But if you always wanted to have more granular controls for notifications in Skype for web, you'll be pleased to learn that Microsoft has finally delivered what you've been waiting for (via

Indeed, the latest update to Skype for Web brought new settings to turn off pop up and sound notifications for chat messages and Skype calls. You can see all the different notification settings in the screenshot below:

Finally, you'll be able to manage skype notifications in outlook. Com, onedrive - onmsft. Com - may 16, 2017
Notifications settings in skype for web.

You can access these new notification settings in Skype for web as well as and OneDrive (assuming that you have already linked your Skype account to your Microsoft account). This makes the webmail much more pleasant to use, as too many Skype notifications can quickly become a real distraction. Let us know in the comments if you think these new granular controls will give you some peace of mind.

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