Fallout 4 ships 12 million copies day one, makes $750 million

Fallout 4
Email Twitter: @DaveWShanahan Nov 13th, 2015 inNews

As far as breaking records go, Fallout 4 trounced Black Ops III by making $750 million on launch day (November 10), shipping 12 million copies. Fallout 4 broke the concurrent streaming record on Steam; with over 390,000 gamers streaming, toppling GTA V for the top spot. Fallout 4 made other news on Twitch. More than 500 Twitch users were streaming Fallout 4, with the top channel boasting 28,000 viewers. In all, 245,000 viewers were watching people play Fallout 4 on Twitch.

Bethesda Softworks president Vlatko Andonov remarked on how well Fallout 4 is doing:

“We’re extremely proud of Todd Howard, Game Director at Bethesda Game Studios, and his experienced team of developers for their talent and dedication in creating this extraordinary game. Fallout 4 is a masterpiece in game development and storytelling, providing fans hundreds of hours of fun as they explore and are challenged by this fascinating, beautifully crafted world.”

According to Steam’s Game Stats page, Fallout 4 hit 406,747 players today alone. Fallout 4 is third among all Steam games, behind Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. No word on how Fallout 4 is faring in Xbox One sales, but Fallout 4 is definitely crushing it in Windows PC sales via Steam.

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