Disney releases Find ‘n Seek for Windows 10 to the Windows Store

Kit McDonald

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Disney is always pumping out new applications and games for their most popular movies. It was just a month ago, we discovered the beta pages for two new Disney game apps that were in the background of the Windows 10 store. While Finding Dory: Just Keep Swimming released within a few days of its discovery, we have had yet to see the Find ‘n Seek that featured signature characters from Disney favorites.

Today, Microsoft announced the official release of Disney Find ‘n Seek on Windows Store. The object search style mobile game focuses on finding stickers through many different scenes including  Olaf from Frozen, Rapunzel from Tangled, and Donald Duck and his three nephews. With the use of purchasable bundles and  Pencil-Topper Power-Ups, players will race to beat the clock and collect all of the Tricker-Stickers before time runs out!


  • Search through your favorite Donald, Frozen & Tangled scenes!
  • Look for hundreds of objects!
  • Race the clock! If you’re clever & fast, you’ll earn combo bonus points!
  • Capture wacky Tricker-Stickers, like Burping Bag and Petulant Pillow! Return them to your collection in the Book of Little Tricksters. Track down the rare ones for extra points!
  • Don’t forget to use Pencil-Topper Power-Ups: Spritely, Bellows, Sandy & Mags the Magnet will show you the way!
  • Unlock new scenes as you race to restore beloved Disney books! Features the voice of Ernie Hudson, star of the classic film, Ghostbusters!

Rather simple in implementation, object search games have proven to be rather popular for not only Disney, but mobile gaming as a whole. Younger players will enjoy playing with the bright colors and plethora of characters they recognize. Even the childish at heart will enjoy collecting all the stickers in the Find ‘n Seek game, which is available for all Windows 10 devices for free. Download the app by clicking on the link below.

Disney Find 'n Seek
Disney Find 'n Seek
Developer: Disney
Price: Free