Design follows ‘Creativity’ in Windows 10’s next update with Project Neon

Email Twitter: @MindHead1 Apr 7th, 2017 inNews

The Windows 10 Creators Update has yet to be officially released to the public however, eager observers are already hungry for the next update which will be bringing what some believe are much needed aesthetic improvements to Windows 10. When Microsoft introduced Windows 10, it seemingly did so with the explicit intent of optimizing the OS for speed, resource management and security which left many users thinking the current visual spartan-like UI design of the platform was an inherent trade-off for those improvements.

Now three years into production, it is beginning to seem as though the Windows team is comfortable enough with the performance aspects of Windows 10 to now tackle the much more finicky culture of UI and UX as screenshots and GIF concept artwork surface showing some drastically tweaked design elements coming in the next update to Windows 10.

Brad Sams over at recently published a post going into some of the details about what the Windows 10 has codenamed Project Neon, the visual overhaul of Windows 10. Beyond the leaked concept image which surfaced earlier this week, Sams report comes fully equipped with animations, parallax effects and examples of in-app design concepts for Mail, Groove, and the Start Menu.

Furthermore, the next Windows 10 Update codenamed Redstone 3 is looking to better incorporate file management in the cloud as glimpses of placeholders for cloud held files are sprinkled throughout the OS. Sams guesss that the feature could be named on-demand files, but as with most Redstone 3 related news at the moment, it’s all tentative speculation.

With Microsoft’s developer conference a little less than a month away, we can expect the company to go into more detail about the overhauled design language as well as further under-the-hood construction as it looks to entice developers to follow.

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