Beatsplosion mixes rhythm and Kinect gameplay for a unique Xbox One gaming experience

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A new way to stay fit will be arriving on Xbox One on December 30th, just in time for all those New Year resolutions. Created by Virtual Air Guitar Company, the studio behind Boom Ball for Kinect and Squid Hero for Kinect, Beatsplosion for Kinect uses a combination of gameplay involving player punches, chops, and jumps and rhythmic timing to create a sweat-inducing workout that’s half Fruit Ninja and part Dance Central Spotlight.
Here’s the (slightly hyper) official description:
Beatsplosion started out as a game about smashing stuff. Because, well, who doesn’t like smashing stuff? The first key idea was to have satisfying physical reactions. When you hit a crystal pillar, it ‘splodes into tiny fragments that fly out based on your hand’s motion – upward, downward, forward, any direction you like. The harder you hit, the more they scatter! Every punch is unique, every crystal responds exactly to your hits. The next step was adding music so you weren’t just punching randomly, you were doing it in time to a beat. At higher tempos, things started to get rather sweat-inducing. That’s when it all clicked together: a rhythm game about smashing stuff where you get a great workout almost by accident. And did we mention the smashing yet?
Beatsplosion for Kinect is designed for solo players but it does support leaderboards for competing with friends on a user’s Xbox friends list. The game also features a strong focus on exercise and boasts several features such as 3 minute and 20 minute challenges and a built-in weekly workout tracker to make it easier for players to incorporate the game into their regular workout regime.

While some Xbox One titles such as Xbox Fitness and Just Dance 2016 seem to be encouraging gamers to make the shift away from Kinect controls, it is great to see other titles reminding the userbase just how much potential the Kinect sensor has. Do you have a favorite Kinect game on Xbox One? Let us know in the comments.

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