Squid Hero and Boom Ball now available for Xbox One in Kinect bundle

A new Kinect bundle featuring Squid Hero and Boom Ball bundle is now available for Xbox One fans. The bundle contains both games, and you save $6 if you purchase the bundle rather than buying both games separately. Xbox's Major Nelson highlights the new bundle.
In Squid Hero, your task is to save the planet from an ice age by smashing thousands of chunks of ice as you move along. The game uses the Kinect so it gets players to be a little more active as well. The game gets progressively more difficult as you move along and have to accurately smash the ice bergs. The game also offers a two-player co-op mode so you can also play it with your friends and family.
Boom Ball on the other hand is an intense action game that “mixes tennis, breakout and gratuitous explosions." There are 55 challenging levels in the game and as a player your task is to throw the balls, smash the cubes and blow up all the bombs that come your way. It also helps get players to be more active. The game usually costs $9.99, but you can grab it as part of this $14.99 bundle containing both games.
The bundle description says,

Get up and play! This double fun bundle for all ages contains two active Kinect games from Virtual Air Guitar Company that are easy to learn but challenge your accuracy and dexterity with active, responsive and satisfying gameplay. Squid Hero takes 1 or 2 players on a cheery and colorful arcade adventure, where you’ll smash ice cubes to save the world from a new ice age. In Boom Ball, you get to hit balls, smash bricks and solve puzzles across 55 inventive levels.

Head over to the Xbox Store if you want to get your handset on the new gaming bundle.

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