This awesome music video was made using a Microsoft Kinect sensor

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Since its inception, Kinect has been doing quite a few things in the way of entertainment. Whether it’s being an integral part of a game or helping you navigate your Xbox through voice commands, the device has been an important part of entertainment history. As with all new technology in entertainment, however, it can be adapted in any number of ways so it can be useful to all sorts of people – in this particular instance, artists and musicians have been having a blast with it.

A new music video has been created by German animation studio Schnellebuntebilder for the music trio Sissi Rada, and beyond just being a beautiful video, it was made entirely using a Microsoft Kinect. The video is made to be incredibly trippy, moving between shots of pastel pink donuts to shots of the band members singing, all rendered in an odd, stylized way that only the Kinect could pull off.

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In this music video, Sissi Rada takes the listener on a journey through a multitude of images of a perfect Sunday: cycling, going for a walk in the woods, having a late breakfast, playing, laying in the sun. But those images are only instruments to maximize the impact of the inevitable: Monday.

Inspired by the musical interplay and the dreamlike mood of the track, we used Microsoft Kinect 2 not only as a powerful tracking-device but as an cinematic-narrative medium. Using more than 40 3D-recordings, we developed a fluid particle-aesthetic in VVVV. Millions of floating cubes morph from one object or scene to the next alongside Sissi Rada’s track.

Shot completely with the Microsoft Kinect 2, edited and programmed in VVVV, developed a pipeline between Cinema4D and VVVV and finalized everything in After Effects.

SUNDAY is a track from the unreleased album PRAGMA

Production/Guitar – MAX TRIEDER

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– – – (Thanks Robert & for the support)


Special Thanks to LUTZ TIMPERNAGEL for the miniature buildings and trees, to EMIL and EMMA for driving your bikes, to REGINA POHLE for baking a cake in the rain and ULI for renting his NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM.

This isn’t the first time that an artist has gone about using the Kinect in order to support one of their performances. Not that long ago, the music group Phantogram used Kinect in order to enhance the experience of their live performances, tracking the movement of the band members and creating dynamic backdrops that reacted to that movement. That said, Sissi Rada’s music video is the first time we’ve seen someone create a music video shot entirely on the Kinect.

In the wake of this, we may end up seeing more musicians and artists taking advantage of the excellent technology that makes up the Kinect. Its ability to track human movement in its own unique way seems like it’s invaluable to artists who want a perspective and art style that most people don’t have.

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