Attention developers: The best way to prepare for Windows 10 is to keep building universal Windows apps

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Attention developers: the best way to prepare for windows 10 is to keep building universal windows apps

As everyone is most likely well aware, Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 this morning. The new operating system comes with brand new features and improvements centered around Microsoft's "One Windows" mantra. But where do developers fit into the equation?

According to Microsoft, Windows 10 will be tailored to multiple device types and is geared towards a single Windows application platform. With that being said, developers have nothing to fear and are urged to continue building universal Windows apps.

"From a developer standpoint, Windows 10 continues the work shared at Build last April. Universal Windows apps and the ability to leverage the same code to deliver appropriately tailored experiences to multiple device types were the centerpiece of that announcement. They continue to be the cornerstone of the single Windows application platform announced by Terry and Joe today. The most important thing you should take from today’s announcements is that the best way to prepare for Windows 10 is to keep building universal Windows apps," Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

Windows 10 is simply designed to reach more customers and device types, featuring a common user experience. Windows 10 is also expected to be the next version of Windows Phone, finally merging the Windows Phone mobile operating system with the Windows desktop operating system. Here are some key principles that Microsoft is focusing on for developers:

  • Build on the commitment to provide a common Windows platform and give developers one consistent API layer with consistent UX design surfaces and flexible tools.
  • Enable Windows Store apps to run in a windowed environment on the desktop so that they perform better on a wider range of hardware.
  • Deliver one Store for all devices, making it easier for you to reach customers in consistent and compelling ways no matter what type of device they’re using. Make the Store more useful for corporations with volume app purchasing, more flexible distribution mechanisms, and the ability to create a custom or curated Store experience (note that the Windows 10 Preview contains the existing Windows 8.1 Store).

Developers can join the Windows Insider Program starting October 1st. Don't worry, we will let you know when the preview build becomes available so you can get your hands on it and begin testing your apps. Keep in mind that Microsoft hasn't integrated all of the visual designs and expected features into the preview build.

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