Accidental Microsoft UK Lumia 950/XL posting yields hi-res images

To follow-up on our Microsoft Store Lumia 950 and 950 XL leak earlier today, we received a tip that German Windows news outlet WinFuture has managed to snag high resolution photos of the upcoming flagships before the store postings were taken down.

The Lumia 950
The Lumia 950

And its bigger brother, the 950 XL
And its bigger brother, the 950 XL

Here we have a very odd situation. Microsoft, as a whole, has been on a tear lately with accidentally leaking what is supposed to still be unofficial information through its front websites. Less than a month ago, there was the October 6th event page metadata snafu. A week ago, the support links were found online for the yet unconfirmed Microsoft Band 2. That's not to mention the countless other leaks such as the Microsoft Band 2 renderings.
And yet despite all this, it's worth noting we've still heard absolutely nothing about the Surface Pro 4.
October 6th can't get here soon enough. Check out our article on what to expect from the highly anticipated event.
Thanks for the tip Roland!

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