7 more games are leaving Xbox Game Pass on February 28

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Unfortunately 7 more titles will be removed from Xbox Game Pass at month’s end. The second wave of Game Pass removals for February will be particularly hard on JRPG fans, with two big games from Square Enix leaving.

One of those, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, marks the last of the FFXIII trilogy to leave the service; only a year ago all three installments were playable on Game Pass. Alas, all good things must come to an end.

The other Square Enix game on the list, Octopath Traveler, is getting a sequel on February 24th, but unfortunately that isn’t coming to Xbox, at least for the time being. For fans of the series on Xbox, the original game’s removal from Game Pass feels like adding insult to injury.

Anyways, here is the complete list of games leaving Game Pass on February 28th.

Game Pass game removals are typically done mid-month—usually on the 15th—and at the end of the month. And on that former note, 6 games are leaving Xbox Game Pass today (February 15). Here is that list, as a reminder.

The good news is that the games are purchasable for at least a 20% discount before they are removed. If you don’t already have an Xbox Game Pass subscription you can sign up here. To learn more about Xbox Game Pass, visit the FAQ page.

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