These 6 games will be removed from Xbox Game Pass later this month

Robert Collins

Xbox Game Pass

February 2023 is starting off to be another rock-solid month for new Xbox Game Pass additions, with roguelike RPG Darkest Dungeon being added today as well as Grid Legends getting cloud gaming support. There are other exciting Game Pass releases slated for later in the month as well, such as Hot Wheels Unleashed – Game of the Year Edition coming next week and, on February 21st, sci-fi shooter Atomic Heart.

Unfortunately there are also some Game Pass removals we have to report. There are 6 games on the Game Pass chopping block which will be removed on or around February 15th. See below for the list of games leaving the service.

The good news here is that these games will be available for purchase with discounts of at least 20%. Xbox Store links are provided in the list. So if there is a game on the list you can’t live without, now would be the time to buy, as the discounts are only available before these games are removed from Game Pass.

Is there anything here that you are really disappointed to see go? Let us know down in the comments.