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Microhoo breaks its 28 percent U.S. search share barrier

Mary Jo Foley: Last month, I noted that in spite of a series of steady search-share gains for Bing, the “Microhoo” combined share was stuck at around 28 percent in the U.S. (In other words, Microsoft’s gains were being offset by Yahoo’s losses.)

But according to the January data from comScore, the pair have finally managed to hit a new high: Acombined share of 29.2 percent of explicit core search share in the U.S. (Explicit core search share removes certain categories of searches that comScore doesn’t deem to be actual “user-engaged” searches.)

Microsoft, Comcast, Yahoo: no zombie cookies here, Congress!

Representatives Edward Markey (D-MA) and Joe Barton (R-TX) are probing the online privacy policies of major Web content providers, and the responses are in: leading website operators all assure Capitol Hill that they either use Flash cookies in a limited context, or they don't use them at all. But the replies from Microsoft, Verizon, Comcast, MySpace, Yahoo!, and six other companies don't seem to have made Markey, or even the more conservative Barton, very happy...

Yahoo Mail to get 'Minty' freshen-up

Yahoo is planning to unveil this fall yet another revamp to its Yahoo Mail service to address a drop in users and improve the product's performance overseas where Net connections tend to be slower.