Rebrand: WinBeta will soon be On MSFT


For those that don't know the history of WinBeta, we started out as a small Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channel back in the late 90s. WinBeta was known for being the first to release beta Microsoft software, back when Microsoft ... Read more

We’re hiring a new writer, come join our team!


Here at WinBeta, we have a strong love for everything Microsoft, and a goal to bring you the best Microsoft content on the web. Our ever expanding team consists of Microsoft enthusiasts who want to give back to the Microsoft community. ... Read more

WinBeta Podcast 26: Windows 10 Special

Welcome to another episode of the WinBeta Podcast. This week is the Windows 10 Special of our show because the new operating system rolled out to the public this week. Because of the special occasion, we shied away from our ... Read more