Welcome to OnMSFT 2021


As it turns out, we've been hosting OnMSFT.com on Azure for a little more than two years, running on an Ubuntu 18.04 VM. Since it has been past time to update Ubuntu (and MySQL and PHP etc), it seemed like ... Read more

Happy holidays from OnMSFT.com

Microsoft logo and name at conference

Tomorrow, November 26th 2020, is the Thanksgiving US holiday. As such, and throughout this week, news coming out of Microsoft has and will slow down, as the company pauses to celebrate and gather (hopefully mostly virtually) with their families. We're ... Read more

Welcome to OnMSFT 2020

Welcome to onmsft 2020 - onmsft. Com - february 16, 2020

2020 is going to be a big year for Microsoft. We're expecting launches for everything from Windows 10X to Surface Neo and Duo to the Xbox Series X, Halo 6, xCloud, and (at least) updated versions of Surface Book 2 ... Read more

OnMSFT program note: Dark Mode changes

Onmsft program note: dark mode changes - onmsft. Com - november 16, 2019

Dark Mode is the new, well, black. Sites, apps, and operating systems have been rushing to implement dark mode, and OnMSFT.com brought you our own version a few months ago, after having an earlier version go dormant for a time. ... Read more

Join our team: OnMSFT is hiring writers

Join our team: onmsft is hiring writers - onmsft. Com - september 17, 2018

Are you a Windows Insider? Passionate about all things Microsoft? Have experience in blog post writing or are willing to learn? OnMSFT.com is looking for writers knowledgeable about Microsoft, the Windows Insider program, and everything from Azure to Visual Studio. ... Read more

Surface Book giveaway: we have a winner!

Surface book giveaway: we have a winner! - onmsft. Com - august 18, 2016

Congratulations to Ramon from Ft. Myers, Florida, the winner of our Surface Book giveaway! Ramon is a Windows 10 Insider, builds computers for his family, and as he says, he's "NEVER won anything" in his life, so we're happy to ... Read more