Could Microsoft become the new owner of HERE Maps?

After the handset division was sold off to Microsoft last year, Nokia Oyj began the process of condensing itself and focusing on the company’s money makers. Nokia’s new business interests became licensing of mobile technology patents, wireless network divisions, and their … Read more

Nokia acquires Desti to expand its HERE Maps mapping business

​Desti is a travel-mapping app that uses artificial intelligence and natural language to help you find everything you need on a trip. Everything like dining spots, attractions, activities and accommodations, it finds and saves them directly to your trip plan which can … Read more

Microsoft shows off Bing Maps Preview for Windows 8.1

Not to be outdone by the likes of Google Maps, Microsoft has released Bing Maps Preview which allows users to explore the world, including walking through cities in three dimensions. Available for Windows 8.1 the preview can be downloaded from the … Read more