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IE9 vs Chrome 10 vs Firefox 4 RC vs Opera 11.01 vs Safari 5

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes at ZDNet runs through the standard series of browser benchmarks comparing Microsoft's latest and greatest IE9 to the other major players: Firefox 4 RC, Chrome 10, Safari 5, and Opera 11. Microsoft's hard work on IE9 seems to have paid off with the 32-bit version of the browser winning one of the four benchmarks and being a decent contender in the other three. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the 64-bit version of IE9 which suffers due to the lack of a Just In Time (JIT) script compiler.

Microsoft: No Pwn2Own bug in IE9

If you recall, a few days ago at the Pwn2Own hacking event, Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 was hacked. Microsoft, today, said its Internet Explorer 9 does not contain the same bug which was exploited on Internet Explorer 8.

IE9 Launches on March 14th

Ryan Gavin: I mentioned last month that we would be down in Austin, TX for SXSW. Since then there has been plenty of speculation and interest as to what might be happening. Exactly twelve months from the first Platform Preview of IE9, on Monday March 14th

we will celebrate the developers and designers who are making a more beautiful web for all of us. We will release the final version of Internet Explorer 9 for download beginning at 9 p.m. Pacific


IE9 share grows while reaching 36 Million downloads

Its no surprise that the latest available version of Microsoft's flagship browser, Internet Explorer 9, has reached 36 million downloads while barely in its Release Candidate stage.

IE9 and Privacy: Introducing Tracking Protection

Dean Hachamovitch: The feedback and conversation on IE9’s Platform Previews and Beta to date from many different communities has made the IE9 development process, and product, substantially better than previous releases. The discussions around hardware-accelerated HTML5 and same markup with the developer community, for example, have informed many changes to the product. Thank you for using it and providing feedback.

In general, we’ve focused this blog on engineering issues. In this post, still continuing our pattern of transparency, let’s look at the increasingly important topic of privacy online through the lens of a consumer concerned about being tracked on the web. Here is a brief summary (warning, what follows it is long) of what we intend to deliver in the release candidate of IE9...