YouTube app crashes Xbox One, Microsoft may be on a fix

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Youtube has broken Xbox. User Vaughn Melson (thanks Melson!) has reported some problem with the Youtube app on Xbox One that cause the system to crash whenever the app is opened.
First reported on Reddit by user ImaHunter7, the problem has since been confirmed by several other Redditors, and according to one, appear after the morning hours. Launching of the YouTube app will cause the affected Xbox One to shut itself down, and turning the machine on again will be similar to making a hard-reset.
Speculations about the reason for the problem have mostly been focused on the launch of Youtube Red, the new ad-free subscription service for Youtube, which presumably broke compatibility with the Xbox One version of the app and caused some unknown bug. Nevertheless, several affected users have expressed relief to know that it is, in fact, a rogue app and not the Xbox One itself that's broken.
Microsoft seems to be aware of the issue, according to one Redditor. When we tried to open the link to the forum thread provided, however, we are greeted with a "Not Found" message, which suggests some problem with the forum, or Microsoft's mysterious removal of the thread. We will update on the situation as soon as there's more info, so stay tuned.

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