Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S pre-orders are already selling out in Australia, India, and other regions

Brad Stephenson

Xbox Series X logo.

Xbox Series X and S pre-orders have begun to go live in several regions and both consoles have proven extremely popular with most major retailers selling out in under half an hour.

Australia and New Zealand were the first two countries to open their pre-orders, at the previously announced 8AM time, and demand was so high that customers began experiencing website timeouts and error messages.

A lot of the big gaming stores sold out literally within minutes in both Australia and New Zealand leaving many gamers frantically searching for alternative places to pre-order their next gen Xbox consoles.

Even Xbox All Access payment plans for the new consoles seemed to be selling out online though many customers found that signing up via online support or in person at a store worked as an alternative.

A similar scenario unfolded in India when pre-orders went live there.

And the UK also saw massive demand for both consoles with gamers scrambling to find a supplier that was still in stock. In most cases, the cheaper Xbox Series S console was easier to find though just barely.

In most cases, Amazon seems to be selling out first with other major electronic chains following soon after. As expected, the official Microsoft Store website has the most Xbox consoles in stock and has proven itself to be a reliable alternative for more looking to lock in a pre-order for launch day. As the day progresses and more pre-orders open around the world, we’ll likely see similar situations in various regions.

Check out the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S pre-order times for your region here.

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