Xbox One's Super Mega Baseball 2 delayed until 2018

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Super Mega Baseball 2, an arcade-style, art-heavy baseball game set to release for the Xbox One, has been postponed to 2018. Originally set to release some time soon, Metalhead's Scott Drader has decided that the team should push the release back for more development. In an interview with Polygon, he noted that the planned timing of the game would have been bad for marketing - and there are a few more features they can add in the meantime.

In the video below, you can hear Scott Drader discuss the delay. "We're not quite feeling that the game is where it needs to be at," said Drader at one point in the video below.  He even mentions the December launch of Super Mega Baseball in 2014, perhaps hinting that the new game could be launched in December.

The game's delay means that more time can be spent on polishing features, and it'll even be getting a public beta testing phase as a result. With a new multiplayer feature on the way - something that was lacking in the game's predecessor - that testing phase could help to squash a ton of huge bugs.

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