Xbox One update for preview members brings minor fixes to Digital TV Tuner and more

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Some small updates are available for Xbox One preview members. The update is rather small and is a precursor to a complete update with added features.

Here’s the list of the changes as outlined by Dual Shockers: Audio popping with US/CA Digital TV Tuner: Fix for an issue some reported with audio popping when using the Digital TV Tuner in US/CA locales; Changes to assist investigation into Voice Messaging issues reported by the community.

It’s nice to see that Microsoft is active in updating features and software surrounding the Digital TV Tuner. The update list refers to them it as the US/CA Digital TV Tuner which is most likely referring to the OTA TV tuner available in the United States and Canada. That device is very new and adds broadcast television through the Xbox One to two large markets. Having it fine-tuned and up to date is important for the Xbox One.

Larry Hryb, also known by his Xbox Live gamertag MajorNelson, tweeted that more updates are coming later this month.

These aren’t massive updates, and they shouldn’t have to be,  but it’s nice to see the Xbox One continue to be maintained on a regular basis. Grab this update if you are a part of the preview program and let us know if you notice any other improvements.

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