Xbox One sales in Japan continue to disappoint, sold only 100 units in a week

Hammad Saleem

Xbox One sales in Japan continues to disappoint, sold only a 100 units in a week

Microsoft’s Xbox One continues with its poor performance in the Japanese market despite a price cut, which was introduced last month to increase the sales of the gaming console. According to new numbers from Media Create (via Kotaku), a company which tracks games and hardware sales in Japan, the latest weekly sales from June 8th to June 14th amounted to just one hundred units — making it lower than most of the consoles being sold in the region — accounting for a tiny 0.1 percent of the total console sales..

The PlayStation 4 is at the third spot in the latest weekly sales report, residing at 10,822 units sold in the above mentioned time frame. Interestingly, Nintendo’s Wii U is among the top three consoles sold in Japan — a console which isn’t too popular in the global market. Nintendo is among the leading console maker in Japan, with over 50 percent share with hte New 3DS LL console as well as the Wii U.