Xbox Nordic launches "Butlerservice" promotion, helps give gamers more Xbox time

Xbox has launched a ton of weird campaigns to help advertise their products, from creating the Xbox Onesie to launching an Xbox themed hotel experience. This latest one from Xbox Nordic might just take the cake, though. The new program, called Butlerservice, has you sign up for a chance to win - what else - a butler of your very own! It's exactly what it sounds like. If you win the contest, you'll get a butler to take care of your household chores while you chill out with your Xbox One X.

No more shall a lovely Forza race be interrupted by a stinking pile of laundry, a wonderful game of Shadow of War be ruined by a sink full of dishes or an amazing mission in Assassin’s Creed be pushed aside by dirty windows.

There will be four butlers being sent out across the participating countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland) that can take care of whatever household tasks you're trying to weasel out of. Among the listed tasks are picking up take-out, walking your dog, doing laundry, and of course, gaming. We're extremely excited to see what kind of stories come out of this giveaway.

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