Xbox to get full DVR functionality for OTA broadcasts in 2016

Xbox to get full DVR functionality for OTA broadcasts in 2016

Microsoft announced today in Germany at Gamescom that in 2016 Xbox will be getting full DVR functionality for over the air broadcasts. With this capability Xbox users will be able to record free over the air (OTA) TV broadcasts, schedule recordings, and even take recorded shows on the go across devices. This service will be made available for Xbox owners with requiring a subscription.

Bringing full DVR functionality for OTA broadcasts to the Xbox One makes it a more viable possibility for cutting the cord. And the ability to watch what you’ve recorded on the go across devices is a big step forward for alternatives to traditional cable and satellite TV providers.

However there was no mention of this DVR functionality being available for other streaming services besides OTA broadcasts on the Xbox One. As that would most likely involve cooperation from broadcasters it would be a more complicated feature to work out. Hopefully though OTA DVR functionality is a first step.

Stay tuned to WinBeta as the news from Gamescom continues

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