Xbox Game Pass Ultimate $1 trial is now only for 14 days

Robert Collins

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One of gaming’s best offerings has had a rocky road as of late. I’m talking about the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate $1 trial , of course.

The long-standing offer, which gave new Game Pass subscribers 30 days of access to the Ultimate tier, was discontinued in March only to return just a few months later in July. In the meantime, the console and Ultimate Game Pass tiers got a price increase, as did the Xbox Series X console in certain regions.

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Now the $1 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate trial has been degraded to a 14-day trial period instead of a full month. While this is no doubt a bummer for new members, it’s still better than not having a trial deal at all.

And starting next month (on September 14), Xbox Live Gold will be transitioned into Xbox Game Pass Core. This new tier will feature access to online multiplayer and 25 games from the Game Pass catalog.

All this is likely to be a bit confusing for those new to Game Pass. 2023 has proven to be a tumultuous time for Microsoft’s popular gaming service. Here’s hoping they get things settled out going forward.