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Microsoft has just teased something rather ambiguous on their official Xbox Fitness Instagram account in the form of, what looks like, a basic white paint swirl against a black backdrop. The Xbox Fitness Instagram account has used in the past to tease new upcoming fitness programs and most recently promoted Mike Karpenko’s Extreme Combat classes before their launch via a series of ambiguous images that gradually revealed a photo of Mike, himself.

We’ve got something we want to share… #XboxFitness #teaser #sneakpeek

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From this first image, it’s unclear exactly what sort of program it could be promoting but the style of the circle is distinctly Japanese, which could hint at some sort of karate or self-defence type of class. Of course, its meaning could be more general and mean something along the lines of peace and tranquillity, which could hint at the yoga classes Xbox Fitness users have been wanting to see ever since Xbox Fitness launched over two years ago.
Are there any specific types of classes you’d like to see on Xbox Fitness? What do you think this image teases? Let us know in the comments below.

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