Xbox app updates on iOS and Android with cool new features

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Along with the major Xbox One OS update last week, both of the Xbox iOS and Android apps have also updated with support for new features and added functionality.

  • Both versions of the app can now do the following:
  • Share Looking-For-Group requests via a message or post to the Activity Feed
  • Browser available games in Xbox Game Pass for those who are paid subscribers
  • More flexibility and functionality when the mobile device or app is set to a different region than the Xbox One console (Users can now purchase games on the app for the console's set region)

In addition to these changes, the Android version of the Xbox app will also get a new feature called Chat Bubbles. "This overlay experience lets you use your mobile games and apps while keeping your Xbox conversations within reach," Microsoft's Larry Hyrb explains. "When you get a new message, a chat bubble will open automatically for that conversation – this works for messages as well as club chat. You can also open this view by navigating to the conversation menu options."

Do you like using the Android and iOS Xbox apps? Do you like these updates? Let us know in the comments below.

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Price: Free

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