WPC14: Windows 9 (Threshold) will be a great world class enterprise operating system

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Wpc14: windows 9 (threshold) will be a great world enterprise operating system

During the Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) today, Microsoft's COO Kevin Turner spoke about the company and its enterprise products. Turner also briefly touched on the next version of Windows, which is codenamed "Threshold" and is likely to be named Windows 9.

Turner revealed that the next version of Windows will be a great world class enterprise operating system. He also revealed that the new operating system will feature "game changing functionality for enterprise." No specific details were given.

Turner also admitted that Microsoft was actively listening and taking feedback from consumers. In fact, he stressed this point. It looks like Microsoft is trying to improve on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 by taking as much feedback as possible -- especially considering the mixed reaction Windows 8.x has received since its launch.

We do know that the next version of Windows will feature the return of the Start menu, as well as the ability to use modern apps on the desktop. You can monitor our latest Windows 9 coverage here.

More on this as it develops.

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