Windows Store total app count now at 13,783 apps, Books and Reference category sees a drop

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After it was reported by WinAppUpdate that there were 20,610 apps worldwide in the Windows Store, we have new data from McAkins Online (a second source who keeps up with the Windows Store app count) that there are now 13,783 apps in the Windows Store. Interestingly enough, the Books and Reference category seems to be dropping in app count.

Windows store total app count now at 13,783 apps, books and reference category sees a drop - onmsft. Com - november 26, 2012

"According to WinAppUpdate, there are now 20,610 apps worldwide in the Windows Store and 17,958 of those apps are free. In early October before Windows 8's launch, it was reported that there were over 3,600 apps in the Windows Store. The growth of the Windows Store has been very quick over the last few weeks and developers are publishing their apps at an increased rate," we reported a few days ago. Now, new data from McAkins Online is claiming that there are now 13,783 apps in the Windows Store. No, your eyes are not deceiving you. There wasn't a flood of apps added to the Windows Store overnight. According to McAkins, if you turn off Localization in the Windows Store, the app count is higher. However, how many of these apps are considered "quality" apps? "I agree with Wes Miller on one point though, that the success of Windows 8 and its Store is not dependent on the number of Apps in its Store, but the number of Quality Apps in the Store. After the Store reached the 10,000 mark, I also lost interest in counting the number of Store Apps because most of them are chaffs anyway. “Its all about Quality Apps Stupid” like they say," McAkins states on his blog. Regardless, the Windows Store continues to see an increase in apps (aside from the Books & Reference category which is apparently dropping in app count according to McAkins) and this is obviously a great thing for developers and those who use Windows 8.

On a side note, we are also posting Windows 8 app highlights every week highlighting an app from the Windows Store and you can check that out here.

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