Windows Server 2016 build 1051x coming next week

Windows Server 2016 is the server version of Windows 10, as we reported recently Microsoft is planning to release a third technical preview of Server 2016 sometime this month. According to leaked documents, the third technical preview is set to arrive sometime next week. The leaked documents also claim that build 10514 (or a build around there) may very well be the build released to testers.
​Windows Server 2016 build 10514 was sent out to close Microsoft partners today, so it's highly likely we'll see screenshots leak before it becomes publicly available. The build will be hosted on MSDN and TechNet much like Technical Preview 2 and Technical Preview 1 were, furthermore we're also not too sure what's new in build 10514 for Server, hopefully we'll know soon.
Windows 10
​For those interested, the full build string reads 10514.0.150808-1529 and is a TH2 build, also known as Update 1. Hopefully this means we're close to a new client build of Windows 10 for desktops, too.

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