Windows Phone platform continues to lose market share, Android still number one

According to comScore’s February 2012 U.S. Mobile Subscriber Market Share, Microsoft has lost market share with its Windows Phone platform, while Google’s Android mobile operating system continues to grow, all within a one year time span.

“Google Android’s share of the smartphone market eclipsed 50 percent in February, an increase of 17 percentage points since February 2011. Apple ranked second with 30.2 percent of the smartphone market (up 5 percentage points versus year ago), followed by RIM at 13.4 percent, Microsoft at 3.9 percent and Symbian at 1.5 percent,” the stats indicate.

In just one year, Microsoft dropped 1.3% in market share while Google went up by 3.2%. Apple also saw an increase in mobile market share with a 1.5% increase. RIM’s ill-fated BlackBerry platform continued to decline with a 3.2% loss in market share.

Microsoft has been working hard in trying to boost its Windows Phone market share with its increased advertising efforts, especially with the Smoked By Windows Phone campaign. Microsoft even launched the campaign across the globe. But it seems that Microsoft still has a long way to go before it’s Windows Phone platform overcomes Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS platforms.

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