Windows Phone finally gets a decent stock video editing app with Video Tuner

Windows Phone finally gets a stock video editing app with Video Tuner

Windows Phone doesn’t have a stock (built-in / out of the box) video editing app. While we did have some handy alternatives, like Movie Maker 8.1, Microsoft’s mobile operating system was lacking a video editing tool. Until today, when the company launched Video Tuner.

Video Tuner allows you to edit your video files before you share them on your favorite social networking sites. The editor allows you to add filters, put a background music to your homemade clips, and add effects like cropping, rotating, flipping, or mirroring the visible frames.

You can also adjust the speed, and add exposure, contrast or other color-based parameters onto your videos. The app supports MPEG-4 (MP4) and MP3 file formats, which has most bases covered, but you won’t be able to add tracks from several music streaming services such as MixRadio and Xbox Music due to DRM protections. 

Video Tuner also comes with dedicated Instagram and Vine sharing options, that might help the users trim and crop videos to the relevant length, and adjust the aspect ratio for uploading to the said networks.

Video Tuner takes up 40MB of space and is freely available from the Windows Phone Store. Download it from the link below, and let us know how you like it!

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