Windows phone fans in Brazil protesting with #NewMobileDevicesInBrazil campaign

It’s been a frustrating time to be a Microsoft fan in Brazil recently with the company closing several Microsoft Stores and pulling back on releasing several Windows phones in the region.

Microsoft has historically shown a lot of support for its products and services in Brazil, and even hosted their Microsoft Research Latin America Faculty Summit in Rio de Janiero as recently as last month, but Brazilian Windows phone users have begun to fear the worst and now the editors behind the Windows news site, have begun a social media campaign to remind Microsoft just how much support they have from the locals.

The campaign asks that users tweet the @satyanadella, @GabeAul, @MicrosoftBr, and @LumiaBrasil Twitter accounts with the hashtag, #NewMobileDevicesInBrazil, and request that they bring Windows 10 Mobile-powered Windows phones to the region. The campaign has already picked up a bit of steam and at the time of this writing, has well over 22,000 tweets relating to it.

Are you concerned about Microsoft’s reduced focus in Brazil? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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