Windows Phone app highlights: True Explorer, powernAPP, Kids Poems and more

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WIndows Phone app highlights: True Explorer, powernAPP, Kids Poems and more

It is time to highlight another set of Windows Phone apps! In today's app highlight post, we are going to showcase True Explorer, powernAPP, Kids Poems, and Karnataka Tourism Guide. If you are a Windows Phone app developer and want your app highlighted, hit the Contact button above and let us know!

True Explorer - "What is True Explorer? It's a map, a navigator, route finder, Life Tracker, SOS Assistant in emergency situations, Exercise Monitor, Route Tracker and much more!"

True Explorer is a fantastic (and beautifully designed) multi-purpose app that allows you to explore the locations around you, track your distance, show how many calories you have burned, and more. I've actually begun to use this app as my exercise tracker as it keeps stats on how far you have traveled while running, and more. Give it a try - it's free - and you will love it!


powernAPP - "With powernAPP you can fall into your well-deserved sleep faster and easier now. Discover the soothing power of a power nap, thus reducing both stress and the risk of heart disease. Through voice commands, and a sleek user interface of the alarm clock is set in an instant. And do not worry if you like the term "power nap" is new."

This little app is a hidden gem for those of you who take quick naps during your busy day. We all have those moments where we require a quick nap before heading back out into the busy world. If you own a Windows Phone device, this app is essential!

powernApp features voice activation and control, so you can quickly set your alarm. You can even read about the benefits of napping. Grab this free app and give it a try the next time you take a nap!

Kids Poems - "Kids who laugh a lot are the one who learn a lot .Happy child will always succeed in life. One of many ways to keep the little ones smiling at home and in the classroom is by implementing a steady regiment of laughter. We tend to do this with silly rhymes and poetry. Your kid can now play and listen to their favorite poems."

This free app is perfect for little kids, if you let them play with your Windows Phone device. This app features poems, rhymes, alphabets, numbers, animals, days of the week, and months of the year. Definately an entertaining app for children!

Karnataka Tourism Guide - "This app gives you full view of ancient sculptured temples,hill ranges, forests and beaches of Karnataka. There is a numerous of places for tourists – beautiful beaches, ancient sculptured temples, 25 wildlife sanctuaries, UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites at Hampi and Pattadakal, and the Western Ghats, a biodiversity hotspot located on the western region of Karnataka."

Karnataka, a state in South West India, is a beautful location filled with hills, forests, and beaches. If you are interested in checking out the locale, grab this unofficial app. Who knows, you may end up vacationing there one day.

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