Windows Blue to be called Windows 8.1, according to leaked image of build 9375 (rumor)

WinBeta Windows 8.1

April fools day, a widely recognized and celebrated day when people play practical jokes and hoaxes on each other. At the same time, we’ve come across a screenshot of what appears to be Windows 8.1 build 9375. Will Windows Blue be called Windows 8.1?

As many have been testing Windows “Blue” build 9364, a new sheriff may be coming to town. A photo was leaked just a short while ago, showing that Microsoft has compiled build 9375 about 11 days after 9364, but that’s not all. It no longer has the “Windows 8” text in the watermark above the taskbar, or in the Windows Version.

What we see is a brand new version of Windows and it’s simply called Windows 8.1. It is uncertain if Windows 8.1 will be the final name of Windows “Blue.” Regardless, should Microsoft call this update as Windows 8.1? It makes sense, since it lines up perfectly with its Windows Phone counterpart, which saw 7.0, 7.1, 7.5, 7.8 and then 8.0.

Editors note: Keep in mind that this image appeared a day before April fools day. We are simply posting this screenshot for all to see and judge its authenticity for themselves. Sometimes, things are indeed true on April fools day and are not always false, in an attempt to trick you (mind blown!). Regardless, we have labeled this post as a rumor and it should be treated as such until more details are revealed on a later date.

Here’s another screenshot from the same build which showcases a PC Settings tile:

WinBeta Windows 8.1

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