Windows 9 (Threshold) Start Menu screenshot leaks onto the web

Windows 9 (Threshold) Start Menu screenshot leaks onto the web

We recently had our first glimpse of Windows 9 build 9788, which leaked onto the web not days ago. Today, another screenshot from the same build has leaked showcasing the new (in-development) Start Menu. It’s similar to the one seen at BUILD a few months back, meaning we’re not seeing anything out of the ordinary just yet.

Before we continue, we must ask you to take what you see here with salt. Speculation on the internet (and indeed our own source) has proclaimed that many fake screenshots have been spread across the web of this particular build. So, be cautious. If this screenshot is indeed real, it could mean that the build is outside of Microsoft’s hands, which means a leak could be imminent.

Again, this screenshot doesn’t really show us anything new, because we’ve already seen the Start Menu at BUILD. We can confirm though that this isn’t its final form, and that more tweaks will be made before the Start Menu is ready for its primetime.

So what do you think about this screenshot? Leave us your thoughts below.

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