Windows 8.1 RTM sees over 2 million downloads by developers in just 24 hours

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Windows 8.1

During the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) this week, Microsoft’s Tami Reller revealed that Windows 8.1 RTM has seen over two million downloads by developers in just 24 hours. Windows 8.1 RTM was released to TechNet and MSDN for app developers to get an early start at developing their apps for the new operating system update scheduled to roll out October 17th/18th.

“It’s a big week this week for [Windows] 8.1; we’ve seen incredible uptakes already. So far on Windows 8.1 we’ve seen more than two million downloads, so it’s definitely getting a bit of chatter out there in the marketplace,” Reller stated during the event.

Originally, Microsoft had no plans to roll out the RTM bits of Windows 8.1 to app developers via TechNet or MSDN, creating an outcry from developers. Microsoft eventually backtracked on this decision and rolled out the RTM to subscribers. And rightfully so, two million downloads in just 24 hours is an amazing feat and shows just how much Windows 8.1 is in demand.

“It gives the audience a chance for Windows 8 to be familiar again, whether it’s the Start button, whether it’s the ability to boot to desktop, whether it’s the old apps view or just the ability to turn off charms if you’re in a keyboard type of environment,” Reller added.

Overall, a good decision by Microsoft to roll out Windows 8.1 RTM to developers, as evident by the “incredible uptake” as Reller so eloquently puts it. The rest of us have to wait until October 17th for the update to being rolling out.

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