Windows 8 RTM to be completed within days, possible weekend leak?

Email Twitter: @ZacB_ Jul 25th, 2012 inNews

Microsoft is in it’s final hours of compiling and completing Windows 8, it has been rumoured. From unofficial sources, the company is preparing to complete Windows 8 and send begin sending it out to OEM’s. If the above is true, then it is highly possible that a leak could occur as early as this weekend.

After a recent discussion on the WinUnleaked forums, it has been said that Microsoft is in it’s final hours of compiling and completing Windows 8, and will be all finished by the weeks end. This means that a leak of the RTM is highly likely from the minute it’s completed, as it would no longer have any employee tracking codes.

From the forums, a reliable user has said “Wzor said that he is going to the TechReady 15 employee training conference to grab some “presents”, and he will unpack them at the weekend. Expect the “thing” to happen at the weekend. History may repeat (as it was with the Windows 7 RTM). He may leak it in home-made images first, made from the Windows 8 RTM DVD, then replace them with the official images when they are available, from July 30th to August 6th.”

After asking more about the above, I got a reply: The official ISOs may come between July 30th to August 6th. The custom images may leak this weekend already.”

So, to clarify. Windows 8 could leak in custom image form on the weekend, since the files will be ripped from a official Windows 8 RTM DVD. From July 30th to August 6th, real ISO’s with the RTM could leak, as that’s when they get created.

This is just a rumour, and therefore could be false.

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