Windows 8 reaches 8513, RTM getting ever so closer

According a source familiar with Microsoft, Windows 8 has reached build 8513. This build was compiled on the 12/07/2012, which makes that yesterday. Microsoft compiling builds means they are still fixing and tweaking things, and it also means we’re getting close to RTM. Not long now!

Not build 8513

Build 8513 is 913 more builds from that of Windows 7. We know Microsoft like to jump builds, but if they were building in chronological order, 913 is correct. Anyway, Windows 8 has hit build 8513, which indicates that Microsoft still aren’t done with Windows 8.

Windows 8 should hit RTM pretty soon, it could even happen next week. Microsoft recently announced that Windows 8 is expected to hit RTM in August, that technically isn’t true. The company will compile the RTM in July, but will announce and release to OEM’s in August, just like Windows 7.

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