Windows 8 is failing to make an impact in the tablet market thanks to its 'awkwardness'

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Windows 8

Here's another negative article about Windows 8 and its performance in the tablet market. According to Nomura Equity Research‘s Rick Sherlund, Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system is failing to make an impact in the tablet market thanks to its 'awkwardness.'

"Some of the reason is Windows 8’s awkwardness and compromise in trying to bridge the two platforms and some is that it will take time to deliver more compelling form factors and lower prices and a richer ecosystem of developers and apps for the Microsoft store. There is room for skepticism after the sluggish start so far with Windows 8, but there is also reason for optimism about the second half of calendar 2013 when several improvements converge," Sherlund writes.

However, Sherlund agrees that with time, Windows 8 has the potential to improve. According to him, by the second half of this year, prices should drop and battey life should improve thanks to new technology being released, such as the Haswell chip, Bay Trail and Clover Trail chips for tablets. On top of that, more apps should be in the Windows Store and businesses will have had more time to pilot and adopt the new Windows 8 technology. With the upcoming release of Windows Blue, more form factors (including the 7 inch form factor) will see Windows 8, thus increasing demand for the operating system. While the operating system may be a little awkward right now, chances are that might change as the year progresses.

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