Windows 8 climbs to 3.17% market share as of March 2013, up by 0.50%

Windows 8 Market Share March 2013

March 2013 has come to a close and its time to take a look at how well Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system is doing in terms of market share. According to data from NetApplications, Windows 8 holds a 3.17% market share in the desktop operating system arena, up by .50% compared to February of 2013.

The data shows that Windows 7 is still on top with a 44.73% market share for the month of March, actually up by 0.18%. Windows XP comes in at 38.73% while Windows Vista holds a 4.99% share. Windows 8 on touch devices sees a 0.12% market share while Windows RT sees a 0.02% share.

Windows 8, Microsoft latest operating system, continues its trend of increasing market share at a slow pace. For the month of March in 2013, Windows 8 has climbed from 2.67% in February to 3.17% in March. This is obviously good news for Microsoft.

For the month of February, Windows RT had a 0.02% market share while Windows 8 on touch devices had a 0.10% market share. For the month of March, Windows RT saw no increase and maintained a 0.02% share. Windows 8 on touch devices went up by 0.02%.

Windows 8 Market Share March 2013

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