Windows 8 climbs to 2.67% market share as of February 2013, up by 0.41%

WinBeta Windows 8

February 2013 has come to a close and the big question is, how well did Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system do after being available for four months now? In January, Windows 8 saw a 2.26% operating system market share and now we are seeing a 2.67% market share as of February 2013.

According to data from Net Applications, Windows 7 is still the top operating system with a 44.55% market share, while Windows XP comes in second place at 38.99%. Windows 8 is up by 0.41% compared to the previous month, which is obviously good news for Microsoft. Windows 8 is currently at a 2.67% market share for the month of February. Windows Vista remains steady with a 5.17% market share. One interesting thing to note is that Windows RT (touch) seems to have a 0.02% market share according to the data. Windows 8 (touch) seems to have a 0.10% market share.

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