Windows 8 Build 8064 change-log leaks

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta Aug 17th, 2011 inNews

New details about Windows 8 have leaked today giving us a better glimpse at what we can expect with the developer preview build of Windows 8 expected to be seen during Microsoft’s Build developer conference.

As Neowin reports, a change-log has leaked from build 8064 of Windows 8. The build string is 6.2.8064.0.FBL_EEAP.110806-1000 and is a Milestone 3 build. This build was complied on August 6th, just two days after we reported that build 8063 was complied on the 4th.

Here is the change-log so far. Keep in mind that anything with “(old)” is considered to have been present in previous 80xx builds:

  • A new wallpaper (5th generation)
  • A new BSOD (2nd generation) (back to blue with a smiley : ( )
  • A new bootscreen (2nd generation) (betta fish is gone)
  • A new installprep and WinPE look. (5th generation)
  • Internet Explorer¬†10 Developer Preview (pre release version) (with Internet Explorer 10 splashscreen)
  • A new colored "Windows" splashscreen during installprep loading file.
  • Immersive Remote Desktop (old)
  • Immersive Control Panel (old)
  • WinStore (old)
  • Windows 7 wallpaper deleted
  • New WiFi/Ethernet icons (old)
  • New Touch Keyboard icon
  • New genuine center (old)
  • Windows DVD Maker gone
  • Windows Media Center gone
  • New User avatar
  • New Advanced Security Setting tab (old)

It seems that Windows Media Center and DVD Maker are no longer in Windows 8. Anyone bummed about this?

Microsoft’s Build developer conference, which was a re-brand of the annual PDC event, has sold out recently, which is not surprising. Microsoft re-branded the conference to match the company’s new focus towards a “new generation of modern hardware and software development.” The Build developer conference, which takes place Tuesday September 13 to 16 in Anaheim, California, is expected to showcase first public build of Windows 8.

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