Windows 10's on-screen keyboard features predictive text support

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Windows 10's On-screen keyboard features predictive text support

Microsoft insists that Windows 10 Technical Preview isn’t full-fledged, but it plans to add a host of new features and improvements to the operating system in the coming months. The company has jotted down the features and improvements one should expect in the new operating system, but evidently the Windows 10 Technical Preview has many more things going on that hasn't been talked about. One such feature is the addition of predictive text on the on-screen keyboard.

Predictive texts has become one of the most handiest features in a keyboard. Similar features are available on Windows 8.1’s Word Flow keyboard, and on other platforms through several similar apps. It is finally great to see this feature arrive on Windows’ desktop platform as well.

While traditional mouse and keyboard users might not be able to make much use of this feature, users on tablets will definitely find it a lot useful.  We hope Microsoft would add the gesture and swipe abilities to the keyboard to make it even more handy for tablet users. 

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