Windows 10’s free upgrade is over, how much does it cost now?

Kit McDonald

We’ve heard it all before. Users are tired of seeing that “Upgrade to Windows 10 for free!” notification popping up on the side of their screen. Who can forget poor Metinka Slater’s reaction as Microsoft broadcasted their notification across a live TV weather forecast? But as of about five hours ago, they won’t have to worry about that minor annoyance. Instead, it might be replaced by a different offer to purchase the upgraded OS.

Now that the free upgrade for past operating systems is over, the Windows 10 OS is available from Microsoft’s product page for $119 or $199 for the Pro version. Customers can buy what Microsoft calls “the best Windows ever” by visiting their product page. The purchase can be saved as a file or acquired as a USB with free shipping.

However, the free Windows 10 upgrade will still be accessible for users of assistive technology. A new web page will help those customers navigate and access the free upgrade without worrying about having missed their chance. The page isn’t even limited to any specific assistive technology. If you are using any kind on Windows currently, you are still eligible. Currently, the web page doesn’t have an end date but Microsoft assures us that they’ll make a public announcement in plenty of time to let customers know.

It just so happens that the removal of the free upgrade coincides with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update slated to begin rolling out on August 2. Preview builds have been dispensed like candy from a Pez dispenser in the last few months, preparing millions of devices for the highly anticipated celebration. Now we’ve settled onto preview build 14393.5 with only four more days to go. For those worried that the AU will miss its mark, ISOs are confirmed to be available on the date as well, making it generally available to the public.

Now that the free upgrade isn’t available, most customers will either stick with their previous versions or pay the pretty penny for the Windows 10 operating system. Perhaps we’ll even see the free upgrade return again in the future, but for now, the impending Anniversary Update seems to be quite an incentive for purchase.

Let us know in the comments below if you decided to upgrade to Windows 10 for free, purchase it or stick with your current operating system.