Windows 10 Photos app could be getting some new features soon

Arif Bacchus

According to a report from the Italian Blog Aggiornamenti Lumia, new features might be coming soon to the Windows 10 Photos App. The new elements range from a timeline feature, options for adding audio commentary to photos and videos, and even Paint 3D integration.

As the name suggests, the new timeline feature will allow a user to click on the scrollbar at the side of the app and quickly snap to certain photos in chronological order by month and by year. This is a change from the standard current scroll bar, which does not show dates and only sorts pictures from oldest to newest. See it in action below.

The Timeline feature, GIF from Aggiornamenti Lumia

Another feature that could be coming soon is the ability to record your own voice narration and add audio to video creations via a new “Audio” section in the app. Also coming is a new link to Paint 3D located under the edit and create menu when viewing a photo.

As always, Microsoft is likely to test these new features with Windows Insiders soon before rolling it out to everyone else. It is best to stay tuned for more in the coming weeks. Do you like the looks of the revamped photos app? Let us know your thoughts below.