Windows 10: More build 9879 patch updates on the way before the end of the year

Windows 10: More 9879 patch updates on the way before the end of the year?

Just yesterday, Microsoft issued a patch update for some Internet Explorer issues in Windows 10 build 9879, but it looks like they're not done yet.  This morning, Microsoft Windows 10 go-to guy Gabe Aul again tweeted, in response to a question on if we'll "see more Windows 10 9879 patch updates before the end of 2014?":

Some Windows 10 watchers are wondering why Microsoft doesn't just go ahead and release a new, less buggy version of Windows 10 Technical Preview instead of continuing to patch this one, but a new full build isn't expected until after the first of the year.

So anyway, keep your eyes open for some new bug fixes, and keep providing feedback to Microsoft on any Windows 10 issues you're having, they may just get fixed!

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