Windows 10 Mobile Facebook beta updates to official app

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The Facebook app for Windows 10 Mobile is finally ditching its beta tag today. For the past few weeks, Windows Phone users have been able to test a new layout and settings menus for the Facebook app that would eventually debut with Windows 10 Mobile in beta. However, with the release of the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL a few days away, the Facebook app is going from beta to official.
Facebook beta brought the app more in line with the look and feel of Windows 10 Mobile including smaller fonts, redesigned iconography, better menu settings, and optimized sharing features. The recent update hasn’t provided any significant changes to the beta app, but does offer a change in version number and presumably some optimization and bug fixes.
Windows Phone 8.1 users may also notice an update to the Facebook app, and again, it seems to be more of a version numbering, and optimization update, rather than a comprehensive feature update.
Oddly enough, Microsoft and Facebook have opted to continue development on their Facebook beta app separately, leaving users who have downloaded both apps with two options to access Facebook. For those deciding on which to keep, personally, I've found that the Facebook beta app, while being forward progressing in feature implementation, has also been more stable and reliable than the “official” offering.
With that being said, we’ll keep an eye its development on the Windows 10 Mobile platform.

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