Windows 10 Mobile provides unified system-generated location settings

Windows 10 Mobile changes location settings

The Windows Apps Team announced an update for location prompts and settings that provides system generated prompts and gives the user an easier way to toggle location settings.

The new update changes both the way a user is prompted for consent and provides new consolidated location permission settings. Windows 10 now provides a system-generated consent prompt upon starting an app for the first time rather than when the app is downloaded from the store or updated. The prompt also happens automatically and removes the need for apps to have their own custom prompt.

Windows 10 Mobile changes location settings

A new API for location access was created for apps to use the new system-generated consent prompts which developers can learn more about here.

The update also streamlines the way users manage their app’s use of location by providing a unified location settings menu where the user can toggle each individual apps location permissions. The Windows Apps Team is encouraging all developers to remove their custom location prompts from their apps, as if they don’t it will lead to double prompting the user.

These changes are available now for Windows 10 Mobile and apply to all apps running on a Windows 10 Mobile device, even if the app wasn’t created for Windows 10 Mobile.

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